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Personal Assistant Seattle services the cities of Seattle Bellevue Kirkland Issaquah Redmond Edmonds in Washington, Washington State
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Personal Assistance in Seattle does it all for you. Why call a cleaning service when we do everything for you.
  • House Cleaning
  • Home Organization
  • Laundry
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Running Errands
  • Event Planning
  • Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning
  • Shopping for Gifts
  • Coordinating home maintenance and repairs for your convenience.
  • Organizing your office or filing documents.
  • Coordinate pet grooming or pet sitting when required.
  • Arranging meals that make dining at home a pleasure without cooking.
  • Take your laundry to the cleaners or drop off at the dry cleaner.
  • Book travel arrangements for pleasure or business.
  • Managing your address book to insure no lost phone numbers or contacts.
  • Keeping track of birthdays because everyone loves to hear "Happy Birthday".
  • Finding the perfect gift for the special people in your life.
And so much More!!!

Just give us a call for your needs and we will take care of it.

Personal Assistance Seattle is what we do. We do everything from running your errands. dry-cleaning, grocery shopping, banking, taking the dog to the vet or dog groomer (yes we do cats), picking up your prescription, to getting your car serviced and washed. Running to the post office to get off that important package, to arranging your perfect vacation plans. Get some of your filing done. Clean up your office, Etc. Etc. We do it all!!

Need a House keeper or organizer in Seattle? Personal Assistance Seattle is not your usual house keeper Personal Assistance Seattle is BETTER. Have you ever felt that you need more then just a house keeper? Ever feel like you need a mom OR guys a wife ? Well don't worry, Personal Assistance Seattle has you covered as we do BETTER and we can pick up too. If you have no sense of organization let Personal Assistance Seattle Figure It Out for YOU!!! Remember we do it ALL!!!!

We all need a personal party planner. Lets be honest it’s hard with work and family when do you have the time to plan the perfect party in Seattle? Personal Assistance Seattle will help you in picking up the party favors, decorating, and picking up the food, well don't fret. Personal Assistance Seattle has the time to get everything done and you can take all of the credit from your envious friends and family.

Yes Personal Assistance Seattle will be your Personal Organizer in Seattle. Personal Assistance Seattle has you house clean so what is next on your list? Now we have the house cleaned would you like us to work on the pantry, or kitchen shelves. Yes we never have time to take care of that but Personal Assistance Seattle has got you covered. Do you have a un- ruly closet, or death trap maze in the Garage, well we can get it handled. You will be so amazed at the transformations. Personal Assistance Seattle is ready to get started

Men and women both never have time to get everything done and maybe a laundress or cook would be helpful. Personal Assistance Seattle can help you catch up on that growing pile of laundry or maybe you want a break and it would be nice to have some pre-cooked meals for the week. Personal Assistance Seattle can do that for you and more. What about everything else? All we need at Personal Assistance Seattle is the Apron ?

One of my favorites is a personal shopper because we never have time to address everything on your list. Personal Assistance Seattle knows you are busy at work running your company. Add to that you have to much do at home, not enough time to get out and pick up what you need for yourself or for that special someone. A Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding, Baby Shower, etc etc. Let Personal Assistance Seattle handle it for you and RELAX!!!

Move In / Move Outs in Seattle. You have to move and you are exhausted. Really, do I have to do this. Personal Assistance Seattle will help you with your packing and every moving need. Personal Assistance Seattle will pick up your packing boxes, packing materials, tape etc. Personal Assistance Seattle wants to make your moving experience less stressful. Re-lax Personal Assistance Seattle is here for you. Don’t forget after you move out or move in Personal Assistance Seattle will help you clean up your move in or move out mess.