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Personal Assistant Seattle services the cities of Seattle Bellevue Kirkland Issaquah Redmond Edmonds in Washington, Washington State
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Personal Assistant Seattle can help you out with just about all your needs. A combination of Your very own Personal Assistant on the go, to your House Keeper / Organizer, Personal Party Planner, Grocery Shopper, Laundress / Cook or a little help in your office too. Oh and don't forget your Personal Shopper, etc. etc. etc. Personal Assistant Seattle is ready to help you and give you back the gift of time.

Ever feel like pulling your
hair out, working so hard
and trying to do everything
for everyone else, with

rarely a moment for
yourself ?

Let Personal Assistant

Seattle help you out!

Go ahead,go to the spa...
you’ve earned it.

Do you wish you had time
to do what you really like ?
Would you rather not waste
time on tedious things like

housekeeping, laundry dry
cleaning, or getting

groceries ?

Personal Assistant

Seattle can do it all and
even pick out a GIFT
for that special someone.

So spare
yourself the headache and
let Personal Assistant

Seattle me handle it!

Is your company keeping
you from taking care of
your personal tasks ?

Call on me!

Personal Assistant
will take care of your
personal business and your home, while you take care
of the company.

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Personal Assistants and Concierge Services in Seattle

Personal Assistant Seattle is a full service company located in Seattle Washington that will personally assist you on a daily or weekly basis or assign one of there most trusted Gals to help you with all of your needs. Cleaning, Luandry, cooking, personal assistance and more. Personal Assistant Seattle will also perform, errands to run or private personal services that need to be accomplished within a set time period in an anonymous and discreet fashion.

Personal Assistant Seattle is able to arrange travel schedules, purchase tickets and arrange for hotel rooms in or out of town. Personal Assistants are able to screen telephone calls, check emails, send texts and do follow-up phone calls on your behalf. or fpr your buisness at home or at the office. As a personal assistant in Seattle we are able to take detailed notes, write summaries from attending telephone conference calls and meetings or via telephone press conferences that an executive might not be able to attend due to an over taxed work schedule.

Personal Assistants Seattle are also available for your day to day living chores, making sure that once you leave work and come home there is food and drink in the refrigerator, mail opened so that no bills go unpaid (but private letters remain unopened). Personal Assistant Seattle can make sure that your dry cleaning and laundry is dropped off and picked up. Need some clothes washed, Personal Assistant Seattle can do the laundry and fold the clothes and replace the sheets on the beds.

Personal Assistant Seattle understands your privacy and getting the work done without anyone knowing of our day to day services is high on the list of our priorities, second only to making sure that our work is done well. Personal Assistant Seattle offers business secretarial personal assistance like research, scheduling, travel arrangements, and note taking on teleconference meetings, as well as tidy the home, go to the grocery store iand fill the refrigerator for a special occasion, shop for your clothes and schedule a Day Spa visit too. Personal Assistant Seattle is here for all of your needs.

Personal Assistant Seattle gives you more then other personal assistant companies. Our personal assistants are very efficient, self-motivated, well organized and most importantly they have great communication skills to make sure that whatever you want gets done properly.

Personal Assistant Seattle strives to be well informed, and internet savvy along with keeping up to date with the latest office gadgets and industry practices.

Personal Assistants know how to think on their feet while keep a professional calm attitude in all situations that you expect from your personal assistant. .

Personal Assistant Seattle can support a house wife to a senior managers or CEO and executives. We pride ourselves in managing complex situations for celebrity’s and other high profile clients. Personal Assistant Seattle is your number one choice to take care of all of your personal assistant needs. Call Michele today and we will have one of our Personal Assistant Seattle Gals show you that we can support and target all of your needs to deliver exactly what you need.

Personal Assistant Seattle List Suggestions

  • Running errands on your behalf.
  • Home Organization
  • Home Cleaning
  • Coordinating home maintenance and repairs for your convenience.
  • Organizing your office or filing documents you do not want colleagues to see.
  • Coordinate pet grooming or pet sitting when required.
  • Event planning is our specialty.
  • Grocery shopping is fun to do.
  • Arranging meals that make dining at home a pleasure without cooking.
  • Take your laundry to the cleaners or drop off at the dry cleaner.
  • Book travel arrangements for pleasure or business.
  • Managing your address book to insure no lost phone numbers or contacts.
  • Keeping track of birthdays because everyone loves to hear "Happy Birthday".
  • Finding the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

Concierge Services List Example
  • Pet Sitting and Dog Walking when it must be done now.
  • Light housekeeping or arrange for full home cleaning.
  • Waiting in line at the DMV for car registration or smog check.
  • Car repair, oil change and/or car wash to make driving easy.
  • Event planning for business, anniversaries and birthdays
  • Gift-buying for the special people in your life or your nieces birthday.
  • Plant care for the office and home.
  • Picking up dry cleaning before packing it for travel.
  • Running miscellaneous errands that are important to you.
  • Relocation services for moving out of town.
  • Making travel arrangements for you or your loved ones.
  • Mail pickup at the post office box or special delivery.
  • Meal pickup by us from your favorite chef or restaurant.
  • Dinner reservations at his or her favorite place.
  • Interior decorating for the office or home.
  • Landscaping for your home or getaway.
  • Maid service whenever its needed.
  • Carpet cleaning with or without coupons.
  • Concert and movie reservations when you've got to have the tickets.
  • Grocery shopping with or without you being home.
  • Locating hard-to-find items and collectibles because it takes time to find the right item.

Personal Assistant Seattle services the cities of:
in Washington, Washington State